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Program Details

The master’s degree in speech-language pathology is a two-year, 42-hour graduate program. Students enrolled in the graduate program with an emphasis in deafness and the urban schools emphasis are required to take coursework in addition to the required courses. General requirements include:

Each of the following three courses (eight credits total):

  • Assessment Issues in Communication Disorders
  • Introduction to Research Methods
  • Comprehensive Seminar in Communication Disorders

Students must choose a minimum of six credit hours from each of the following three areas (18 credit hours):

Neurogenic Disorders

  • CDS 527 Adult Neurogenic Language and Cognitive Disorders (3)
  • CDS 515 Motor Speech Disorders (3)
  • CDS 577 Dysphagia (3)

Language Disorders

  • CDS 532 Seminar in Early Childhood Language (3)
  • CDS 524 Seminar in Child Language (3)
  • CDS 534 Seminar in Sound System Disorders (3)
  • CDS 566 Language and Literacy in Children “At Risk” (3)

Speech Disorders

  • CDS 522 Seminar in Orofacial Anomalies (3)
  • CDS 525 Advanced Studies in Voice Pathology (3)
  • CDS 526 Seminar in Fluency Disorders (3)

Clinical Practicum: Four semesters at one credit each is the minimum requirement.

  • Practicum assignments are to be arranged through the clinical director.
  • All practicums must be taken for academic credit, with a minimum of four credit hours.
  • ASHA Certification requires 400 clock hours, 325 of which much be earned at the graduate level.
  • Register consecutively for:
    CDS 540-546 Graduate Clinical Practicum (generally one hour per semester)
    CDS 547 Public School Practicum (generally one hour per semester)

Elective courses:

Students may choose any of the courses listed below, in addition to any of the previously listed courses not selected, to meet minimums in the (b) category (11-12 credits).

  • CDS 523 Intervention with Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (3)
  • CDS 531 Communication Development for Children Who Are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing (3)
  • CDS 552 Counseling Issues in Communication Disorders (3)
  • CDS 555 Pediatric Audiology and Habilitation (3)
  • CDS 565 Auditory Technology and Cochlear Implants (3)
  • CDS 567 Communication and Behavior: An International Perspective
  • CDS 580 Practical Applications of Communication Systems and Assistive Technology (3)
  • CDS 560 Clinical Research in Communication Disorders (1-3)
  • CDS 565 Directed Readings in Communication Disorders (1-3)

Schedules for required graduate program courses are listed in the Fontbonne University Course Catalog.