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Academic Philosophy

At Fontbonne University, our goal is not only to impart knowledge but also to increase understanding. By providing life-long learning skills through our undergraduate degree programs, we instill in our students a self-awareness that helps them understand how each individual can contribute to society. In addition to becoming well-informed in their chosen fields, our students also learn important skills, such as effective communications, critical thinking and teamwork. And our 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio helps ensure the focus is on our students - our most important asset.

A cornerstone of academics at Fontbonne is our belief that experience is one of the best teachers. Therefore, we have designed our curriculum so that all undergraduate students have the opportunity for some form of experiential learning, from a practicum to an internship to student teaching. Students also have opportunities to participate in study abroad programs and service learning trips throughout the year. And we offer an Honors Program that allows high-achieving students to broaden their horizons even farther!

If you're not sure about a major yet, don't be alarmed. Check out what we have to say about choosing a major.