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Course Requirements

Major in Biology with a Concentration in Physiology

This major offers a course of study that prepares the graduates with the necessary background for a professional program, graduate school, or research in industrial, government, or university laboratories. This course of study focuses on human functioning.

General Education Requirements
The following specific general education course must be chosen to meet the requirements for the biology major:
MTH 115 Introduction to Statistics (3 credits)

Courses Required in Biology (30 credits)
BIO 112 General Biology I with Lab (4 credits)*
BIO 114 General Biology II with Lab (4 credits)
BIO 207 Plant Biology with Lab (4 credits)
BIO 250 Microbiology with Lab (4 credits)
BIO 312 Genetics (3 credits)
BIO 318 Cell and Molecular Biology (3 credits)
BIO 320 Evolutionary Biology (3 credits)
BIO 481 Biotech I (2 credits)
BIO 496 Biology Seminar (2 credits)
BIO 495/497 Department Research/Internship (1-4 credits)
BIO 413 Exit Exams (0 credits)
*BIO 108, with recommendation of instructor and approval of department chair, may substitute for BIO 112. This substitution would not transfer to other institutions, and the student must adjust total credit hours accordingly.

Courses Required in the Physiology Concentration 
(15 credits):
BIO 220 Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab (4 credits)
BIO 222 Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab (4 credits)
BIO 306 Kinesiology with Lab (4 credits)
BIO 314 Developmental Biology (3 credits)

Courses Required in Chemistry (19 credits):
CHM 106 General Chemistry I with Lab (4 credits)
CHM 108 General Chemistry II with Lab (4 credits)
CHM 210 Organic Chemistry I with Lab (4 credits)
CHM 212 Organic Chemistry II with Lab (4 credits)
CHM 318 Biochemistry (3 credits)

Courses Required in Mathematics and Computer 
Science (7 credits):
MTH 150 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (4 credits)
MTH 315 Advanced Statistics (3 credits)

Courses Required in Physics (8 credits):
PHY 208 College Physics I with Lab (4 credits)
PHY 210 College Physics II with Lab (4 credits)