Where am I?

Shannon Rapp

Please visit my site at: http://rappcourses.weebly.com/

I am currently seeking undergraduate students to work in my research lab in Fall 2014. Please contact me if you are interested.

I teach Plant Biology, Field Ecology, and Introduction to Life Science regularly.

I am researching how organisms make foraging and survival decisions based on risk and fear.

I also serve as the department's Lab Prep Assistant, Greenhouse manager, and Supervisor for our work-study students. Current or prospective work-study students may contact me about working in one of these areas.

I care about public understanding of science, and I have previously held positions with the Saint Louis Science Center, Saint Louis Zoo, and Mad Science of St. Louis.

Office: AB 322 | 314-889-4532 | email | @srapp707


In the media:

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