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Course Requirements – Accounting

Major in Accounting

Business Core: (33 credits)

BSA 100/BUS 102 Business Components Assessment (0 credit)
ACT 210/BUS 205 Financial Accounting (CoReq: BSA 100/BUS 102)
ACT 220/BUS 207 Managerial Accounting (PreReq: ACT 210/BUS 205)
ECN 210/BUS 202 Principles of Macro Economics (CoReq: BSA 100/BUS 102)
ECN 220/BUS 203 Principles of Micro Economics (CoReq: BSA 100/BUS 102)
MKT 210/BUS 233 Marketing Principles (CoReq: BSA 100/BUS 102)
MGT 210/BUS 230 Management Principles (CoReq: BSA 100/BUS 102)
BSA 210/BUS 241 Business Law
BSA 310/BUS 325 International Business (PreReq: ECN 210/BUS 202)
FIN 310/BUS 343 Managerial Finance (PreReq: ACT 210/BUS 205)
MGT 330/BUS 315 Management and Business Ethics (WI & MC II)
BSA 410/BUS 463 Quantitative Analysis in Business (PreReq: MTH 115)

Accounting Core: (27 credits)

ACT 310/BUS 311 Financial Accounting and Reporting I (PreReq: ACT 210/BUS 205)
ACT 320/BUS 312 Financial Accounting and Reporting II (PreReq: ACT 310/BUS 311)
ACT 330/BUS 313 Financial Accounting and Reporting III (PreReq: ACT 320/BUS 312)
ACT 340/BUS 314 Advanced Topics in Management Cost Accounting (PreReq: ACT 220/BUS 207)
ACT 350/BUS 319 Income Taxation for Individuals (PreReq: ACT 210/BUS 205)
ACT 410/BUS 405 Auditing (PreReq: ACT 320/BUS 312)
ACT 420/BUS 407 Accounting Information Systems (PreReq: ACT 320/BUS 312)
ACT 430/BUS 415 Advanced Financial Management (PreReq: ACT 220/BUS 207; FIN 310/BUS 343)
ACT 460/BUS 469 Accounting Capstone (PreReq: ACT 310/BUS 311; ACT 320/BUS 312; FIN 310/BUS 343)

Courses Required in Other Disciplines: (10 credits)  

ENG 201 Business Writing (WI) (PreReq: ENG 101 or equivalent)
MTH 105 College Algebra (PreReq: MTH 095 or equivalent) (4 credits)
MTH 115 Introduction to Statistics (PreReq: MTH 095 or equivalent)

Mission Core: (6 credits)                                                                                                                        

INT 105 Culture and The Common Good (MC 1)
(3 credits met through MGT 330/BUS 315 in Business Core)

Foundations: (minimum 17 credits)

Composition I & II (minimum 6 credits):
       ENG 101 Composition I
       ENG 102 Composition II (PreReq: ENG 101)
Oral Communication (minimum of 3 credits):
       Select from "purple sheet"
Mathematics (minimum 3 credits):
       Met above with either MTH 105 or MTH 115
State and Local Government (minimum 1 credit):
       Select from "purple sheet"
Computer Information Systems (minimum 3 credits):
       Select from "purple sheet"
Information Literacy (minimum 1 credit):
       INT 199 Information Navigation and Evaluation

Pillars:  (18 credits)                                                                                                                             

Select six courses from these seven Pillars (maximum one course from each Pillar); see “purple sheet” for specific course listings:

  • History
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Fine Arts
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science     
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences               

Bridges:  (3 credits)                                                                                                                                   

Some Pillars courses also meet the Bridges requirement. See "purple sheet" for shared courses.

Other Graduation Requirements: (3 credits)

Religion or Theology

Writing Intensive Requirement (6 credits – one above 200-level)

Met above with ENG 201 and MGT 330/BUS 315

Note:  To double-major in Accounting and Business Administration, add: