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Course Requirements – Deaf Education

Major in Deaf Education


Students apply for major approval during the second semester of the sophomore year, or after the completion of 45 credit hours at Fontbonne. Transfer students apply for major approval when the student has also completed 45 semester hours, but the equivalent of one full semester (a minimum of 12 credit hours) must have been taken at Fontbonne. Transfer students who have completed Introduction to Classroom Teaching and Philosophical Foundations (or equivalent) at another institution must complete a required “zero hour” course: EDU301 Teacher Education at Fontbonne University.

Major approval also requires:

  1. A cumulative blended grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 from all colleges/universities attended and a cumulative blended GPA of 3.0 for all professional coursework from a ll colleges/universities attended, along with successful completion of DEA 210 Early Field Experience in Deaf Education.
  2. Qualifying scores on the Missouri General Education Assessment.
  3. Completion of the Missouri Educator Profile.
  4. Clear criminal background check.


The general education requirements are presented in the academic information section in this catalog. A course that meets a general education requirement may also meet a course requirement in the major or a course requirement in another discipline. Please see the curriculum guide sheet for Deaf Education Majors for specific general education courses.

Courses Required in the Major *

  • CDS 105 Speech and Language Development of the Normal and Exceptional Child (3 cred its)
  • CDS 201 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism (3 credits)
  • CDS 211 The Nature of Language (3 credits)
  • CDS 220 Phonetics (3 credits)
  • CDS 231 Speech Science (3 credits)
  • CDS 410 Audiology (3 credits)
  • CDS 414 Auditory Rehabilitation (3 credits)
  • DEA 100 Psychology of Deafness (2 credits)
  • DEA 200 Deaf Education Practicum (0 credits)
  • DEA 210 Early Field Experience in Deaf Education (2 credits)
  • DEA 300 Teaching Children Who Are Deaf (3)
  • DEA 310 Beginning Sign Language (2 credits)
  • DEA 330 Mid - level Experience in Deaf Education (1 credit)
  • DEA 400 Teaching Speech in Deaf Education I (2)
  • DEA 410 Teaching Language in Deaf Education (3)
  • DEA 420 Emergent Literacy in Deaf Education (2 - 3)
  • DEA 430 Parent Counseling in Deaf Education(2)
  • DEA 440 Speech Practicum in Deaf Education (2)
  • DEA 460 Reading and Writing in Deaf Education (3 credits)
  • DEA 470 Clinical Experience 1 (4 credits)
  • DEA 480 Culminating Clinical Experience (8 credits)

Courses required in other disciplines

  • EDU 203 Survey of Learners with Exceptionalities (3 credits)
  • EDU 234 Philosophical Foundations of Education (3 credits)
  • EDU 263 Methods of Teaching Reading and Language Arts (6 credits)
  • EDU 333 Multi-Sensory Methods for the Elementary Classroom (2 credits)
  • EDU 392 Assessment of Ability and Achievement (3 credits)
  • EDU 400 Classroom/Behavior Management Techniques (3 credits)
  • MTH 102 Concepts in Mathematics (3 credits)
  • MTH 350 Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the Early Childhood and Elementary School(3 credits)
  • PSY 200 Developmental Psychology (3 credits)
  • BIO 370 Teaching Science in Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle School (2 credits)

*These courses may change based on certification revisions by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, which are currently in process.