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Applied Design Major

Fontbonne’s applied design major is primarily focused on electronic and digital media. Ideal for students interested in graphic, new media, web and mobile design, the program gives students a foundation in design elements and principals, focusing on composition, typography, color and imaging. As students progress, they gain the design and programming skills needed to create the applications, responsive sites and web pages used in today’s high-tech world.


Applied Design Program Highlights

  • Develop a design skill set that encompasses web, mobile, page and more
  • Engage in adaptive design — deliver content in multiple ways on multiple platforms
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Hands-on, interactive and engaging
  • Mac lab equipped with the latest design software and programs
  • Upper level courses explore scripting and coding
  • Learn to build responsive websites and apps on both Android and iOS devices
  • Career opportunities include art director, graphic designer, web designer and app developer
  • Develop solid foundation for continued learning


career opportunities for applied design majors

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