Where am I?

General Studies Major

If you are curious and creative, the Fontbonne University general studies major, which builds on the university's general education requirements, might be a great academic fit. Explore not just one, but multiple academic subjects with one main emphasis major to ground your studies. And you will be encouraged to enhance this major with a minor (or maybe even two) in an area of your interest.

Why the General Studies Major at Fontbonne?

The academic community at Fontbonne emphasizes open communication within the supportive and collaborative environment of small classes. General studies give you more control over your academic experience and the freedom to choose what interests you. You’ll have dedicated faculty committed to your success and a home base in your emphasis major department. And if you transferred courses in from another school, the major gives you an opportunity to complete a well-rounded degree.

What Can I Do With My Degree?

Be as creative as you want in your job search. Many employers are searching for creative, inquisitive and collaborative graduates with a strong liberal education and the openness and ability to be quickly and successfully trained for a specific position. A general studies major is also an excellent preparation for many graduate programs. What you do with your degree is up to you.

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