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What Our Undergraduate Alumni Are Saying

Our alumni are proud of having graduated from Fontbonne University. Hear directly from them about some of our excellent faculty and staff as well as advice they have to offer incoming students.

“(Somer Anderson, College of Global Business and Professional Studies), thank you so much for guiding me in my college career. I appreciate everything you have done. See you next year for my master's.”
- Victoria Barnes

“(Timothy Liddy, Fine Arts) thanks for being a mentor and role model in and out of class. You exemplify what a professor should be, and I hope one day I can follow in your footsteps.”

- Samantha Beaty

“(Suzanne Stoelting, Behavioral Sciences) I cannot express it enough – thank you so much for helping me find my true potential and inspiring me to always seek more. Your passion for teaching and touching others' lives is evident everyday. It has been a privilege to know you and learn from you. Thank you for always being there.”

- Becca Bradley

“John Viser  (Teaching: Paraprofessional PathwaysSM), I truly appreciate what you have done for me. You are an awesome teacher. Thank you.”

- Donall Brown


“(Dr. Richard Lewis, Communication Disorders and Deaf Education), I want to thank you for everything you taught me at Fontbonne. I know I am prepared for beginning my doctorate in audiology program at Missouri State University because of you. Thank you!”

- Allison Egler

“(Dr. Ben Moore, English and Communication), thanks for having faith that I could be something more. Any work I publish from here on out is thanks to you. You are what a quality educator should be.”

- Arjuna Ganim

“(Sharon Jackson, Social Work and Human Services), I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me here at Fontbonne. You've been such an amazing advisor, mentor and role model. Thanks for making my experience here a special one! I really can't begin to express my gratitude!”

- Elizabeth Ham

“(Keli Jackson, College of Global Business and Professional Studies), I love how you challenged me and held me to my highest potential. You made class exciting, and I took away so much information, experience, and most of all, confidence from everything you taught.

- Rachel Lal 

“(Dr. Elizabeth Rayhel, Biological and Physical Sciences), you have always been my favorite teacher and I loved doing research with you! Thank you for always listening when I needed to vent and offering advice when I definitely needed it!”

- Stephanie Lawson


“(Dr. Jason Sommer, English and Communicaiton), thank you for everything: your constructive criticisms, your encouragement and your commitment to my education. I am a better writer because of you.”

- Alicia D. Lee


“I have never had a teacher challenge me to be great in the way (Shannon Rapp, Biological and Physical Sciences), has. I feel truly blessed to have had her as a mentor!”

- Amanda Macklin

“(Dr. Jack Luzkow, History, Philosophy and Religion), words cannot convey how appreciative I am for your guidance, your humor, and your constant support as I pursue the great task of becoming educated - whole person educated. I have so enjoyed every class you have taught, and you have my admiration and respect, not only as an educator, but as a person.”

- Deborah A. Mraz

Advice From Our Graduates

“Talk to your professors after class and pull from their wisdom and expertise. Let them be mentors.”

- Samantha Beaty

“The more you skip class, the more you get accustomed to skipping. Don't start.”

- Carlos Duran

“Make sure that you always ask questions about financial aid and business office transactions. Never miss any information with these offices because you need to be on top of deadlines.”

- Allison Egler

“The teachers here are incredibly innovative thinkers and remarkably friendly. Don't be afraid to drop by and talk with them.”

- Arjuna Ganim

“Science majors: You are about to embark on an epic adventure exploring the beautiful details of life on Earth. It will be challenging, but you must remain tenacious and trust in your own abilities and draw on your passions. This will help you immensely on your way to success!”

- Dillon Klaffer

“Make sure you ask questions. Fontbonne is small for a reason. The teachers really want to help you succeed.”

- Demetrius Perry


“Don't procrastinate general education classes!”

- Brittany Walter

“Take advantage of the city, the atmosphere and the relationships you build.”

- Kyle Bader

“Make the best of it and become involved! Find a professor/advisor to guide you. The options are endless if you truly put forth your best effort. Have fun and be your best self.”

- Becca Bradley


“Take the time to get to know people. Never overlook someone. I've met more amazing people here than I could put into words. Fontbonne is a special place.”

- Anna Hotop


 “Use the interfaith and Doerr chapels for prayer, meditation or just quiet reflection time.”

- Samantha Beaty

Don't be afraid to get involved. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. Two or three close friends are better than 10 acquaintances. Take your education seriously. Have faith in yourself!”

- Isabella Liu