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Nanette Swarthout On Accelerated Programs for Adults

Nanette Swarthout, a senior instructor for Fontbonne University’s College of Global Business & Professional Studies received the 2010 OPTIONS Outstanding Faculty award.  Recognition is presented to two adjunct faculty members for their contributions to the college’s business programs and curriculum, involvement with the university, and exceptional student evaluations.

An educational and business standards consultant with more than 20 years of corporate accomplishments as a manager and director, Swarthout has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in management and human resources to Fontbonne adult learners for more than 10 years. Learn more about OPTIONS accelerated degree programs.

Swarthout professes her love of teaching and the importance of continuous learning.  “I’m fortunate to be part of a process where I help my students learn by teaching the concepts and how they apply to what they’re doing in the professional world,” Swarthout said.  “I’m also learning from my students and the experiences they share in the classroom.”

She pursued her undergraduate degree right out of high school.  But when Swarthout decided it was time to earn her MBA, she was a director for a major airline and had a demanding, full-time job which included frequent travel.

Part of her ability to relate so well with her students comes from this background.  She noted, “I think that being able to take what we learn in class and apply it on the job works better for us as adults.  As an instructor, you really have to have a practical frame of reference.”

Swarthout acknowledges that it’s not easy returning to school as a non-traditional student.  The first steps are the hardest and require the most pushing.  She also recommends, “Be sure to schedule study time and ‘you’ time to get the most out of it – because you really do deserve this experience.”

Motivating students to always do more is her biggest takeaway.  Swarthout challenges them to go beyond what they learn in the classroom to discover how other companies apply those same concepts.

“I really push my students to read as much as they can.  Education is a continuous process and adult learners seem to understand this.”