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General Education Requirements

Offered at Mineral Area College.

Communication (total of three courses required)

Written Communication (6 credit hours)
ENG 1330 English Composition I
ENG 1340 English Composition II
ENG 1350 English Composition II (Honors)
ENG 1430 Exposition
Oral Communication (one course required)
ENG 1440 Public Speaking
ENG 1670 Interpersonal Communications

Mathematics (total of one course required)

MAT 1210 College Mathematics
MAT 1230 College Algebra
MAT 1530 Foundations of Mathematics
MAT 1600 Calculus for Business & the Social Sciences
MAT 1650 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I

Valuing (two courses required)

Introductory Course in Philosophy (one course required)
PHI 1400 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI 1420 Introduction to Ethics
Specialized Valuing Course (required) Contact institution for required course

Social and Behavioral Sciences (total of two or three courses required)

History (one course is required)
HIS 1130 Western Civilization I
HIS 1140 Western Civilization II
HIS 1230 American History I
HIS 1240 American History II
HIS 1370 American History I (Honors)
HIS 1380 American History II (Honors)
Human Behavior (one course required)
BUS 2930 Principles of Macroeconomics
BUS 2940  Principles of Microeconomics
GEO 1140 Regional World Geography I
GEO 1150 Regional World Geography II
PSY 1130 General Psychology I
PSY 1140 General Psychology II
PSY 1250 Human Growth & Development
SOC 1130 General Sociology
SOC 1230 Social Problems
US & MO Constitutions (one course required)
POS 1130 American National Government

Humanities and Fines Arts (total two courses required)

Literature (one course is required)
ENG 1570 Introduction to Literature: Prose & Poetry & Drama
ENG 2000 Interpretation of Literature
ENG 2120 Literary Masterpieces I
ENG 2330 English Literature I
ENG 2340 English Literature II
ENG 2430 American Literature I
ENG 2440 American Literature II
ENG 2500 Multi-Cultural Literature
Fine Arts  (one course is required)
ART 1400 History of Western Art
ART 1490 History of Art I
ART 1500 History of Art II
ART 1510 History of Art III
MUS 163 Appreciation of Music

Life and Physical Sciences (total two courses required)

Life Science (one course required)
BIO 1150 General Biology
BIO 2700 Microbiology
Physical Science (one course is required)
PHS 1130 Physical Science
PHS 1350 General Chemistry I
PHS 1390 General Chemistry II
PHS 2230 General Physics I
PHS 2240 General Physics II
PHY 2080 College Physics I
PHY 2100 College Physics II

Managing Information (total of two courses required)

Information Literacy (required)
Computer Information Systems (one course is required)
CIS 1050 Introduction to Computers
CIS 1750 Microcomputer Applications
CIS 2100 Microcomputer Database Management
CIS 2200 Microcomputer Spreadsheet Applications
EDU 2200 Technology for Teachers (required for education majors)

Additional Minimum Graduation Requirement (one religion or theology course)

PHI 1410 Comparative Religion