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Mineral Area College Mathematics for Secondary Education Major Agreement

  • The Associate of Arts in Teaching Degree (A.A.T.) is a statewide program comprised of 42 credit hours of general education requirements.  Students are required to complete the Teacher Education Core designed by the school curriculum.  Some community colleges require 12+ credit hours to complete the Teacher Education Core.  Fontbonne University will recognize this degree as long as the final transcript reflects that the AAT Degree has been satisfied.  If the AAT Degree does not appear on the official final transcript, a course by course evaluation will be performed.
  • Students who have graduated from a Missouri Community College with an Associate of Arts Degree and have completed the MO/GER 42 Block Requirements will have satisfied Fontbonne University General Education Requirements (42- Credit Hour Block).
  • Students who have not satisfied the MO/GER 42 Block Requirements must complete Fontbonne 42 Credit Hour of General Education Requirements that is listed on the next page. A course by course transcript evaluation will be performed.
  • Please note that some majors have specific General Education Requirements that meets both General Education and Major requirements.  Additional General Education Requirements (GER) are listed on the next page.
  • A maximum of 64 credit hours may be transferred from Mineral Area College. 

The following is a list of the required courses for the Mathematics for Secondary Education (Grades 9th-12th) Major Degree at Fontbonne University and the equivalent courses offered at Mineral Area College.

Major:  Mathematics for Secondary Education (Grades 9th-12th)
Degree Offered:  Bachelor of Science

Major Requirements



EDU 2100 Teaching Profession w/Field Experience

EDU 201 Intro to Classroom Teaching

PSY 1250 Human Growth & Development      (GER/MAJOR)

PSY 200 Developmental Psychology (GER/MAJOR)

EDU 2320 Education Psychology

EDU 222 Education Psychology

MAT  123 College Algebra   (GER/MAJOR)

MTH 105 College Algebra  (GER/MAJOR)