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  • SLIAC Honors Golden, Alum

    The St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SLIAC) has named Dr. Dennis Golden, president of Fontbonne University, the recipient of the 2014 Lee McKinney Distinguished Service Award.


    04/17/2014 11:59:25
  • Fashion Show Celebrates STL

    Every St. Louisan knows the distinctive elements that make his or her city unique. “It’s a St. Louis thing,” is a common phrase uttered by those who live in St. Louis. Next week, the latest St. Louis thing — “Strutting St. Louis: Meet Me In …,” a fashion show — will take place Friday, April 25, at 4 p.m. on Fontbonne University’s campus in Eleanor Halloran Ferry Plaza.


    04/16/2014 15:31:43
  • Register 4th, 5th & 6th Graders for campF.R.E.S.H.®

    Children from throughout St. Louis will “travel” to all seven continents, and learn about different cultures, healthy eating and physical fitness — all from the campus of Fontbonne University.


    04/15/2014 09:04:17
  • "Falling" Returns to Fontbonne

    Originally produced by Mustard Seed Theatre in 2011, "Falling," a play about a family struggling with an adult son with severe autism, returns to the Mustard Seed stage with most of its original cast.


    04/08/2014 09:16:34
  • Graduate Education Concentration Serves Students with Autism

    Fontbonne University is at the forefront of this movement through its concentration in autism spectrum disorders in the Master’s of Arts in Education program.


    04/02/2014 12:51:56