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Dozens Become U.S. Citizens at Fontbonne

Dr. Dennis Golden, Fontbonne president, speaks at a naturalization ceremony held on campus Oct. 9.

Fontbonne University recently hosted a naturalization ceremony in which more than 100 petitioners from dozens of different countries became U.S. citizens.

The ceremony, held Oct. 9, included the petitioners, their families, as well as Fontbonne students, faculty and staff, and was followed by a reception.

“We have nearly 3,000 students at Fontbonne and among that number we have foreign nationals from 24 different countries world-wide,” Dr. Dennis Golden, Fontbonne president told the crowd. “Along with faith, family, friends and education, I add citizenship as an absolutely essential part of my very existence. It is a responsibility that is both treasured and valued.”

The naturalization ceremony was one of many events Fontbonne is hosting this fall as part of its third annual “dedicated semester” — a collaborative initiative that encourages the entire university — students, faculty and staff, as well as the public — to explore a single theme each fall semester. This year’s topic is “Immigrant Experiences.” This

"We chose to host this ceremony because it provides a first-hand glimpse into our dedicated semester theme this year — immigration is such an important and relevant issue in our society," said Jack Luzkow, associate professor of history at Fontbonne, and chair of the fall '09 dedicated semester committee. "And regardless of our backgrounds, all of us can connect and relate to it in one way or another."