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Giving Back

Belinda Farrington An OPTIONS instructor only for the past year, Belinda Farrington is new to the Fontbonne family. But she has made short work of impressing it. Honored with the 2010 Part-Time Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award, she has exceeded the high standards of her Fontbonne OPTIONS corporate communication students.
When Farrington joined the faculty, she brought with her a wealth of professional experience. She can boast (not that she does) of a 30-year career in workforce and organizational development and training in numerous fields, including government, gaming and healthcare. But she ultimately decided that she wanted to do more.

“This job has given me an opportunity to give back,” she said of her position as an OPTIONS instructor.

“I’ve always talked about wanting to be a mentor — I am touching lives. I’ve always had encouragement, but a lot of people haven’t had that. God doesn’t just bless us to be personally blessed, he blesses us to bless others.”

Warm, genuine and poised, Farrington is the type of individual you’d want to find at the front of a classroom. She possesses a savvy business intellect, a heart for her students, and a passion for community outreach. When she’s not teaching, she’s working as a human resources and ministry development coordinator at her church, Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist.

“Anyone who has the mentality that ‘I can’t go back to school,’ they need to take a look at OPTIONS,” she suggested. “Sometimes, people get intimidated. OPTIONS isn’t easy, but the class environment is easy to fit into. You’re in a good place where people care, where they’ll help and encourage you.

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