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Kerri Morgan Recognized for Dedicated Semester Contribution

Fontbonne University honored Kerri Morgan, occupational therapy and neurology instructor at Washington University, with the Jason Sommer Dedicated Semester Award at the university’s annual Academic Convocation Day ceremony, Wednesday, Aug. 29. She was selected in recognition of her campus activities prior to, throughout and following fall 2011.
Morgan received a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Washington University in 1998, where she is an instructor in the department of neurology and program in occupational therapy. In addition, she is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Movement Science at Washington University.
Morgan is also an avid wheelchair athlete. The first woman selected to the U.S. Quad Rugby National Team, she was unable to join the university to receive her award because she is a member of the United States Track and Field team participating in the Paralympic Games in London.
Her participation in last year’s Convocation Day was a defining part of the “Quest for Empowerment: The Disability Experience” dedicated semester. Her contributions and involvement ranged from a convocation speech reflecting on the experience of living with a disability, to promoting the dedicated semester in the community.
Her campus presence and positive attitude set the tone for thinking in new ways about how we perceive and interact with individuals with disabilities. As Morgan said in her Convocation speech, “Having a disability does not mean that life is over. I have learned that with the proper accessibility, equipment and right attitude — anything is possible.”

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