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O'Hara Society

$10,000 – $24,999

The O’Hara Society is named for Mother M. Irene O’Hara, CSJ, first President of Fontbonne University from 1923-1929.

Diane Medic Abernathy ‘71
Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Mark M. Alexander
Alumax Foils, Inc.
Ameren Corporation Charitable Trust
Amoco Foundation, Inc.
Mary Carol Anth CSJ ‘57
Richard and Violet Anth
Susan Augsburger ‘84
AT&T Foundation, Matching Gifts Program
Carroll Cunningham Baechle ‘60
Nicholas Baloff
Kathleen S. Barnes CSJA
John and Marilee Barry
Louise Beisman†
Nancy and J. Tim Blattner
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bolinske (Anne Kramolowsky† ‘47)
Lucile Brouillette†
BSI Constructors, Inc.
Linda M. Buhr, Ph.D.
C.A.P.S., Inc.
Chartwells Corp.
Anthony and Dolores Chivetta
Christopher and Anne Chivetta
Coca-Cola Company Matching Gift Program
Bill and Cathy Corr
George and Mary Rose Desloge Family Fund of Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation
Medard J. Dineen†
Mary Doyle† ‘72
The Caleb C. and Julia W. Dula Educational and Charitable Foundation
The Julian & Eileen Carr Family Foundation
Sue Kaiser Ebanues ‘57
Thomas and Joan Koziatek ‘80 Egan
Energizer Holdings. Inc.
Thomas F. and Patricia M. Etter
Mary J. Quirk Ewers ‘45
Sherilyn Spiller Fahlstrom ‘89
Farmers Insurance Group Scholarship
Phil and Kathy Fina
Patrick and Joyce Finneran
First Bank
Fisher Controls International
Dr. Roberta S. Flynn ‘65
Fontbonne University Alumni Association
James and Kathleen Nestor ‘75 Frey
Nancy Sheehan Garvey ‘79
Gail Hornsby Gauthier ‘63
Clifford Willard Gaylord Foundation
General American Life Insurance Company
Goodson Environmental Services, Ltd.
James and Lee Hynek ‘63 Gunn
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Halliday
Alice E. Harper ‘70
Angeline Marino Heumann ‘58
Rosejoan Kisling Holden ‘45
Bill† and Barbara Gutting ‘61 Hollenbeck
Margaret Hyatt† ‘47
Impressions Direct
Institute For Professional Development
J. A. Wachter Builders, Inc.
J.A. Glynn & Co.
Sharon Jackson ‘96
Gary and Carolyn Kuciejczyk ‘64 Johnson
Kathy Conley Jones
Dr. and Mrs. Al Knight (Nanette Falk ‘71)
Kraig and Sandy Kreikemeier
Randall ‘89 and Donna ‘89 Kruep
Sieglinde Kurz ‘61
Anita Buie Lamont ‘69
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lamping, Jr.
Susan Puetz Lenihan ‘75
John H. Londoff, Jr.
Mr. Leo H. MacDonald Sr.
Maritz Inc
Claude and Kay Gunn ‘55 Martin
Mary Lucille McDonald† ‘31
Ann McInerney† ‘27
Leontone Meyer ‘35
Rosemary Jaclyn Meyer
Military Order of the Purple Heart
The Miller Family Charitable Fund
Carol Shaughnessy Miller ‘57
Robert and Colleen Millstone
Missouri Campus Compact
James and Jeanne Dulle ‘81 Moore
Kathy A. Murphy ‘72 and Gerald W. Grindler
Connie Netherton ‘94
Joe Noelker
Thomas M. and Gabrielle Chadeayne Noonan ‘80
James† and Rosemary Erman Noonan ‘45
Northern Trust Bank, FSB
Lucile O’Gorman†
Julia Roerkohl Okenfuss ‘60
Rose Perotti ‘52
Petrolite Corporation
Phoenix Home Life
Robert and Rosemary Noser ‘61 Pickle
Mary and Robert Plane
Pulitzer Publishing Co. Foundation
Marcia Quint CSJA
Daphne C. Ramirez ‘37
Martha Re ‘58
Mike and Pattie Ristau
Marion Rosskopf† ‘38
William Sanders III and Karen Keefer-Sanders MD ‘82
Kathy Martini Saier ‘69
Merle† and Marvel Sanguinet
Jim and Kathryn Sansone
Edward and Ellen Friesen† ‘79 Schmidt
Albert and Mary O’Reilly† ‘45 Schoendienst
Shanahan Family Foundation
The Shaughnessy Family Foundation
Ronald and Patricia Shelley
Marilyn and Scott Sheperd
Roger and Charlene Spiller
State of Missouri
Hon. Donald and Mary Ann Kuhlman ‘53 Stohr
Myra Foulke Styffe ‘87
Mary ‘66 and Tom Sutkus
Dr. Greg F. Taylor and Ms. Renee Davidson
Alice Igoe Thompson† ‘29
John and Lucy George ‘55 Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel V. Twardowski
Union Pacific Corporation
United Parcel Service
Gregory and Susan Vatterott
The Vatterott Foundation
Jerry and Jeanette Altepeter ‘70 Wamser
Rev. Joseph A. Weber, Jr.
Ralph and Patricia Webster
Whelan Security
Whitaker Foundation
Martin† and Barbara Krausel ‘60 Wick
Orrin “Sage” Wightman III
John and Suzanne Willian
Jim and Doris Prag ‘61 Wilson
Randi and Jim Wilson
Denese and Gary Zack