Where am I?


Who is eligible?
Any Fontbonne student in traditional programs.

When do the sessions start?
The 2010 spring semester will start on February 24, 2010 at 7:00pm.

How do I sign up for workshops for the Leadership Certificate?
For more information, e-mail the leadership coordinator at touchstone@fontbonne.edu

When are sessions offered?

New sessions are offered each semester and the theme changes each semester. So an individual can continually enroll in Touchstone each semester as long as they would like. It is possible for a person to receive eight different Touchstone certificates.

How long are the sessions?
The session last 6-weeks long and each meetings is only 75 minutes long.

When will I be given my certificate?
Certificates will be awarded at the annual Leadership Banquet in spring.

How many people do you accept in Touchstone?
We try and keep the groups relatively small so interaction and discussion between the groups is easier. Most groups range between 8 and 12 people.