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Crime and Fire Reports

Crime, security activity, and fire reports are maintained by the Public Safety Department.  All online reports are updated on a regular basis and summarize a 60 day period.

The Crime Report (pdf, 51.47KB) lists only criminal offences that are reported to the department.

The Activity Report (pdf, 72.96KB) lists crimes and non-criminal incidents that are reported. 

The Resident Hall Fire Report (pdf, 91.2KB) summarizes actual fires that have occurred in the living areas on campus.

The Campus Fire Report (pdf, 88.78KB) summarizes actual fires that have occurred in all areas of the campus.

The Fire Safety Activity Repor (pdf, 95.23KB) contains all incidents related to fire safety that have occurred on campus. 


Current reports may be obtained from the Director of Public Safety in Ryan Hall, Room 101B.