Where am I?

Commencement Day


All students must arrive no later than one hour and thirty minutes prior to their ceremony Saturday, May 16 (8:30am for Master's candidates/12:30pm for Bachelor's candidates), for check in, robing, name card distribution, processional and recessional instructions.

There will be two separate ceremonies held on May 16.  10:00am ceremony for all students receiving their masters degree, and 2:00pm for all students receiving their bacelors degree. 

Please be prompt! It is possible that late arrivals will not be able to sit with fellow graduates from their program. ONLY GRADUATES will be allowed in the East Building and the dressing areas.

Candidates should enter the WEST doors of the East Building (facing the Horseshoe Drive).  Please leave all personal belongings with family/friends prior to reporting to the East Building.  The University assumes no responsibility for the safety of your belongings.

Once gowned, you will be lined up according to the degree you will be receiving, your program and then in alphabetical order. You will hand your name card to the Academic Dean at the first podium as you walk across the stage.

Below is an idea of what to expect during the ceremony.  There is no rehearsal for commencement.

1)      Once in line, please remain in alphabetical order within your program and degree.  It is imperative to remain in the designated order to keep the line in correct order. 

2)      Once you begin walking, you will be greeted by Joe Deighton, VP of Student Affairs, in the DSAC.  Follow his instruction. He will release you when the procession is to begin.  Walk towards the stage.  Students on right side will remain walking straight ahead,  Graduates on left side will be making a left turn at the REAR of the chairs inside of the stanchions.  Ushers will be placed appropriately to guide you in the right direction.  Follow the person in front of you.  Additional instructions will be given from the stage when necessary.

3)     Upon entering the rows, even if it does not appear that there is room in the row, please allow the usher to direct you as they are counting the number of graduates for each row. After filing in, please remain standing until invocation is given and announcement is made to be seated.

4)      After commencement speech is delivered, candidates will be asked to stand as a group for the President to declare degree approval.  After his remarks, only the first row of Graduates will remain standing.  Everyone else sits down until your row is called to the stage. 

5)      After receiving diploma cover, return to your chair and be seated.  Ushers will be placed to assist you as you return to your seats.

6)    At the 2:00pm ceremony, as the last bachelor candidate receives his/her degree (cover), they will stop mid stage and the announcement will be made that now is the time for the Bachelor recipients to move their tassels to the left. 

7)      Out of respect for your fellow graduates, please hold conversations to a minimum while the other candidates receive their degrees.

8)       For leaving, the ushers will release your row when the time is appropriate. All graduates will file out, row by row, starting at the front, after the Platform Party and the faculty have processed out.

9)       Please proceed to the rear entrance of Ryan Hall to join your fellow graduates in the traditional "Ringing of the Bell" in the Meadow.