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Frequently Asked Questions: Academic Advising

Checklist to help you learn about Fontbonne campus resources.

____ Where do I get a copy of the current Fontbonne Catalog if I don’t have one?

All university catalogs and course schedules are now online.  Please go to http://www.fontbonne.edu/academics/academicresources/courseschedulecatalog/ to access them.


____ How do I get my student ID?

See the Student Affairs Department, Medaille Hall, 1st floor west, 314-889-1411.


____ Must I have a Fontbonne email address?  How do I sign up for one?

For security purposes, Fontbonne requires the use of the Fontbonne email system as the University’s electronic method of communication. This is an essential and easy way to communicate and connect.  See the Fall, Spring or Summer Course Schedule or contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 314-719-8095. 


____ Where can I get a parking tag and information about parking regulations, the commuter/shuttle lot, and the shuttle service schedule?

Go to the Business Office, Ryan Hall 215, 314-889-1405 for a hang tag, a brochure on parking regulations, and a copy of the shuttle lot location and service information.


____ How do I find out the name and contact information for my academic advisor?

New students will receive this information in the mail from the Academic Advising Office shortly before or during the first week of classes. Returning students will find it on their academic information portlet. Personnel in the Advising Office, Ryan Hall 107, 314-719-3654, will be happy to provide this information at any time.  The information can also be obtained from the Registrar’s Office, Ryan Hall 205, 314-889-1421.


____ Are there computers and printers on campus I can use between/after classes?

Check out the Information Commons, Jack C. Taylor Library 1st floor, 314-889-1417 for multiple computers and printers, as well as Ryan Hall 307, which has computers and a color printer.


____ Where can I get tutorial help as well as help in building my skills in English and/or math?

Visit the Kinkel Center for Academic Resources, Library 2nd floor, Room 205, 314-889-4571, for scheduling a tutor in English and/or math and also for other subjects.


____ How can I get accommodations under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA)?

Contact the Director of the Kinkel Center, Library 2nd floor, Room 203, 314-719-3627.


____ Can I become an Honors Student or join the Honors Association?

Read about the Honors Program and the Honors Association in the current Catalog and/or contact the Director of the Honors Program, 314-889-1477.


____ Where can I get help on choosing a major or to see if I’m in the right major?

Career Development in the Student Affairs Department, Medaille Hall, 1st floor west, 314-889-4516 can be very helpful, as can a faculty member in the major in which you are interested.


____ Where do I find information about Study Abroad

Contact the Director of Study Abroad in Ryan Hall 103B, 314-719-8058.


____ Where can I find a copy of the school calendar to learn about important dates and breaks?

 A two-year calendar is in the current University Catalog and semester calendars are in each of the Fall, Spring and Summer Semester Course SchedulesThe Fall and Spring Semester Course Schedules also include the Snow Schedule.


____ Will I receive an education plan when I begin at Fontbonne?

You will receive a Curriculum Guide for your major.  This is a guide to assist you in staying on track toward degree completion.  Your advisor can also assist you in developing a more personal degree-completion plan. Your degree audit is also a great tool for staying on track.


____ What should I do if I want to change my major or to change my academic advisor?

Your academic advisor or an advisor in the Academic Advising Office, Ryan 107, 314-719-3654, can assist you with either of these changes. Forms for changing your major or advisor are obtained from the Registrar’s Office, Ryan Hall 205.


____ Does Fontbonne give mid-semester grades?

No. However, two weeks before mid-semester, faculty members complete an Early Progress Report for the students in their courses to assist in identifying potential problems.  Information from the Report is sent to the student and the advisor.


____ What opportunities are available for my spiritual development?  Is Mass offered on campus?

Contact Campus Ministry in the Student Affairs Department in Medaille Hall, 1st floor, 314-719-3663, to learn about opportunities available for spiritual growth and development through faith sharing,  prayer, alternative spring break trips, etc.  Mass is scheduled at noon every Friday and at 7 p.m. on Sunday evenings in the Ryan Hall Doerr Chapel, 2nd floor.


____ Are there health and wellness and counseling opportunities on campus?

See the current Catalog under Counseling and Wellness and visit the Counseling and Wellness Office in the Student Affairs Department, Medaille Hall, 1st floor west, 314-889-1434.


____ Does Fontbonne offer a work-study program?

Yes. You may contact your Financial Aid counselor in the Financial Aid Office, Ryan Hall 310, 314-889-1414 for more information.


Need other information?  JUST ASK!

A   Ask and you’ll find the answers to the who, what, where, when, how and why!

S   Seek and you’ll find more than you ever dreamed of!

K   Knock on an office door and be opened to a multitude of new thoughts and ideas!

Ask your instructor          Ask your advisor         Ask anyone in the Advising Office, Kinkel Center, Library, Student Affairs, Registrar’s Office, Business Office, Financial Aid Office…

Ask anyone on campus ~ we are here to assist.


Don’t forget to explore the Fontbonne website. Refer to the Directory in the upper right hand corner of the home page to locate the person you’re seeking.

Office of Academic Advising  7/15

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