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We can bring presentations to your classroom!

The Kinkel Center for Academic Resources wants to make these classroom presentations available to you and your students through electronic links or with custom made presentations given directly to the students in your class:



Writing Topics

  • How to Write an Essay: From Brainstorming to Final Draft
    This presentation takes students through the writing process: brainstorming a Topic, creating a Thesis Statement, building an Outline, organizing Body Paragraphs, writing a Conclusion.
  • APA or MLA Research Style: How to Integrate and Cite Sources in a Research Paper
    This presentation explains the elements of APA or MLA research style focusing on integrating sources, creating effective in-text citations, formatting Reference or Works Cited pages.
  • Oral Presentations: How to Organize and Prepare PowerPoint Presentations
    This Presentation takes students through the organization of a PowerPoint presentation, the use of oral documentation, and preparation for oral delivery.
  • Literature Review: An information sheet on how to write this important part of a thesis.
  • Plagiarism in the Internet Age: What Is It and What Are Its Consequences?
    This presentation helps students to understand what plagiarism is in its myriad forms , what to do to avoid it, and specifically identifies the Fontbonne University policy on plagiarism.

Other helpful handouts to assist you in the classroom:

Researching A Paper

Example of outline paper

Ideally these presentations are an hour long; however the Kinkel Center staff will organize any of these presentations to fit into whatever time works for you and your class.  Please call Peggy Muldoon 314-889-4725 or Teresa Sweeney 314-719-3608 if you are interested in any of these presentations.  We will be delighted to work out a presentation that fits your classroom needs.