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Culminating Project

The Culminating Project requirement of Fontbonne University's Teacher Certification Unit is a performance assessment through which you will provide evidence of your ability to facilitate learning. This project assesses your ability to design and teach an effective unit of instruction, to assess student performance, and to reflect on the experience. The artifacts collected for this project will provide evidence of your competency in the 11 quality indicators of the Missouri Standards for Teacher Education Programs.

The Culminating Project focuses on one unit of instruction, the decision making and planning for instruction, the student learning that occurred during the unit, and reflections on the teaching and learning processes. The project includes the following components:

  • Opening Essay: My Journey to Become a Teacher
  • Unit Plan: preparation of the unit / teaching the unit / reflecting on the unit
  • Essay Conclusion: My Journey to Become a Teacher...the Next Steps
  • Artifacts and supporting documents

Download the Culminating Project manual (pdf, 1.53MB)