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Teacher Certification Admission Requirements

Major Approval:

  • pass all sections of MoGEA exam (undergrads only).
  • blended cumulative GPA of 2.75 (on 4.0 scale); blended GPA of 3.0 in "professional" courses. The department housing the discipline will designate the "professional" courses.
  • successful completion of Introduction to Classroom Teaching (EDU 200/201 or equivalent)

Admission to Teacher Certification Program:


  • apply during junior year (third semester at Fontbonne for transfer students)
  • major approval.
  • blended cumulative GPA of 2.75; blended GPA of 3.0 in "professional" courses; minimum 3.0 GPA in relevant content area(s) for middle school/secondary majors.


  • at least one semester prior to student teaching
  • successful completion of EDU 531 The Contemporary Classroom or equivalent
  • blended cumulative GPA of 2.75; blended GPA of 3.0 in "professional courses"; minimum 3.0 GPA in relevant content area(s) for middle school/secondary candidates.

Student Teaching Eligibility:

  • admitted to Teacher Certification Program.
  • senior status.
  • maintained GPA requirements.
  • completed all professional education courses required for certification with a grade of "C-" or better.
  • submit placement request to Director of Student Teaching.
  • receive approval of Professional Philosophy Statement.

The Missouri Preservice Teacher Assessment (MoPTA)

This is a performance assessment in which the preservice teacher provides evidence of his/her ability to facilitate learning.  The project assesses the preservice teacher's ability to design and teach effective lessons of instruction, to assess student performance and to reflect on the evidence. The artifacts collected for this project will provide evidence of the candidate's competency in the nine standards of the Missouri Standards for the Preparation of Educators (MOSPE), evidence which is required prior to the University making a recommendation for initial teacher certification to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  The MoPTA consists of four tasks completed during the final clinical experience of the teacher candidate and focus on differentiation of instruction and the decision-making process.

The MoPTA is a Missouri teacher certification requirement but not a graduation requirement.  A candidate's submission must be scored as acceptable in order for DESE to issue an initial teacher certificate.

Residency Requirement (post-baccalaureate):

The student must complete a minimal residency requirement of 24 credit hours plus the required student teaching or field experience required by the department in which his/her program is held.  Within these minimum credit hours, a candidate must complete at least six hours of discipline-specific coursework (not to include methods courses) appropriate to the area of certification sought.