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Bachelor's Degree Concentrations

Undergraduate Business Concentrations


Accounting (18 credits)

The accounting concentration prepares students for careers in public and private accounting.

BUS 311 Financial Accounting and Reporting I (PreReq: BUS 205) (3 credits)
BUS 312 Financial Accounting and Reporting II (PreReq: BUS 311) (3 credits)
BUS 314 Advanced Topics in Management Cost Accounting (PreReq: BUS 207) (3 credits)
BUS 319 Federal Income Taxation for Individuals (PreReq: BUS 205) (3 credits)
BUS 405 Auditing (PreReq: BUS 312) (3 credits)
BUS 469 Accounting Capstone (PreReq: BUS 311; BUS 312; BUS 343; CIS 110) (3 credits)

If a student desires to take the Missouri CPA exam he/she must take a total of 33 credit hours of accounting courses. After completing the major in Business Administration and the accounting concentration, the student will need an additional nine credit hours of accounting courses at the undergraduate or graduate level.


Finance (18 credits)

The finance concentration prepares students for careers in finance, banking, insurance, and real estate.

BUS 344 Money & Banking (PreReq: BUS 202; BUS 203; BUS 343) (3 credits)
BUS 346 Credit Management (PreReq: BUS 343) (3 credits)
BUS 352 Investments (PreReq: BUS 343) (3 credits)
BUS 394 Commercial Banking (PreReq: BUS 343) (3 credits)
BUS 415 Advanced Financial Management (PreReq: BUS 207; BUS 343) (3 credits)
BUS 465 Case Studies in Finance (PreReq: BUS 207; BUS 343) (3 credits)


Management (18 credit hours)

The concentration management gives students a general understanding of the behavioral aspects of organizations. It is ideal for students who are either undecided regarding the other business concentrations or who wish a non-quantitative approach to business administration.

BUS 303 Public Administration and Nonprofit Management (PreReq: BUS 230) (3 credits)
BUS 331 Human Resource Management (PreReq: BUS 230) (3 credits)
BUS 351 International Management (PreReq: BUS 230; BUS 325) (3 credits)
BUS 362 Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
BUS 376 Case Studies/Readings in Management (PreReq: BUS 230) (3 credits)
BUS 471 Leadership: Managing in a Changing Environment (PreReq: BUS 230 or BUS 387) (3 credits)


Social Entrepreneurship (18 credit hours)

The concentration in social entrepreneurship asks students to utilize business concepts to achieve social goals.

BUS 362 Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
HES/SOC 203 Foundations of Social Change (3 credits)
INT 207 The Power of Leadership (3 credits)
COM 430 Argumentation and Debate (PreReq: COM 102) (3 credits)
SWK 300 Social Issues and Social Welfare Policy (3 credits)
BUS 413 Special Project for Social Entrepreneurship (PreReq: Student must have completed at least 64 credits -including 9 credits in major and 9 credits in Social Entrepreneurship concentration) (3 credits)

The listed concentrations are available in Business Administration, Healthcare Management, Human Resource Management, and Sports Management*.

*Requires a minimum of 90 prior semester transfer credits.