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Major in Healthcare Management

Business Core: (15 credits)

BSA 100/BUS 102 Business Components Assessment (0 credit)
ACT 210/BUS 205 Financial Accounting (CoReq: BSA 100/BUS 102)
ECN 210/BUS 202 Principles of Macro Economics (CoReq: BSA 100/BUS 102)

MKT 210/BUS 233 Marketing Principles (CoReq: BSA 100/BUS 102)
MGT 210/BUS 230 Management Principles (CoReq: BSA 100/BUS 102)
FIN 310/BUS 343 Managerial Finance (PreReq: ACT 210/BUS 205)

Healthcare Management Core:  (27 credits)

HCM 300 Foundations of Healthcare Management
HCM 310 Ethics in Healthcare (WI)
HCM 320 Human Resource Management in Healthcare
HCM 330 Public Health Administration
HCM 350 Legal Issues in Healthcare
HCM 400 Healthcare Operations & Quality Control (PreReq: HCM 300; MTH 115)
HCM 425 Management of Health Information Systems 
HCM 435 Project Management in Healthcare Organizations (PreReq: HCM 300)
HCM 460/HCM 490 Strategic Management in Healthcare (PreReq: Senior Status)

Courses Required in Other Disciplines:  (10 credits)

ENG 201 Business Writing (WI) (PreReq: ENG 101 or equivalent)
MTH 105 College Algebra (PreReq: MTH 095 or equivalent) (4 credits)
MTH 115 Introduction to Statistics  (PreReq: MTH 095 or equivalent)

Mission Core:  (6 credits)

INT105 Culture & The Common Good (MC 1)
(3 hours met through HCM 310 MC II)

Foundations:  (minimum 17 credits)

Composition I & II (minimum 6 credits):
       ENG 101 Composition I
       ENG 102 Composition II (PreReq: ENG 101)
Oral Communication (minimum 3 credits):
       Select from “purple sheet”
Mathematics (minimum 3 credits):
       Met above with either MTH 105 or MTH 115
State and Local Government (minimum 1 credit):
       Select from “purple sheet”
Computer Information Systems (minimum 3 credits):
       Select from “purple sheet”
Information Literacy (minimum 1 credit):
       INT 199 Information Navigation & Evaluation

Pillars:  (18 credits)

Select six courses from these seven Pillars (maximum one course from each Pillar); see “purple sheet” for specific course listings:
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Literature
  • Fine Arts
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences

Bridges:  (3 credit hours)

Some Pillars courses meet the Bridges requirement. See “purple sheet” for shared courses.

Other Graduation Requirements: (3 credits)

Religion or Theology course (3 credits)

Writing Intensive Requirement (6 credits – one above 200-level)

Met above with ENG 201, HCM 310, and HCM 460/HCM 490

Concentrations for the Healthcare Management major include Management and Finance.