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Master of Management Concentrations

Accounting (18 credit hours)

  • Financial Accounting & Reporting I
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting II
  • Financial Accounting & Reporting III
  • Federal Income Taxation for Individuals
  • Auditing
  • Advanced Topics in Management Cost Accounting

Apparel Studies (15 credit hours)

  • Human Element of Dress
  • Softgoods Diaspora
  • Strategies in Dissemination of Fashion
  • Social Responsibility: From Producer to Consumer
  • Historic and Cultural Textiles and Apparel

Multidisciplinary Health Communication Studies (12 credit hours)

  • Applied Health Behavior to Enhance Health Outcomes
  • Interpreting and Translating Science for Consumers
  • Contemporary Applications for Health Communication
  • One Human Environmental Sciences elective

Supply Chain Management (15 credit hours) 

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Materials Management
  • Logistics in the Supply Chain
  • Lean Principles in the Supply Chain
  • Finance & Negotiation in the Supply Chain