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Supply Chain Management Certificate

Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Preparatory Core: (15 credits)

BUS 202 Macro Economics
BUS 205 Financial Accounting
BUS 343 Business Finance (PreReq: BUS 205)
BUS 565 Business Statistics (PreReq: MTH 115)
BUS 566 Operations Management (PreReq: BUS 565)

Required Courses: (18 credits)

SCM 540 Supply Chain Management
SCM 550 Materials Management
SCM 560 Logistics in the Supply Chain
SCM 570 Lean Principles in the Supply Chain
SCM 580 Finance & Negotiation in the Supply Chain (PreReq: BUS 202) (pdf, 17.78KB)
SCM 590 Applied Project in Supply Chain Management (PreReq: 21 hours must be completed in the major including SCM 540, SCM 550, SCM 560 and SCM 570 and student must receive advisor's approval)