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SCM 540 Supply Chain Management 
This course will examine the basics of Supply Chain Management from new development to working with existing supply chain networks. Topics will include supply chain strategies and design, evaluation and measurement, supplier interaction and support, global supply chain and location decision-making processes and best practices.

SCM 550 Materials Management
This course builds upon information from Supply Chain Management with emphasis on material management, manufacturing planning, control systems, purchasing, distribution, logistics transportation and warehouse distribution center (DC) management. The course will focus on materials management, production planning systems, material requirements planning (MRP)/capacity management and inventory fundamentals, including physical inventory and warehouse management, just-in-time (JIT), Lean, total quality management (TQM), Kanban and supply chain metrics.

SCM 560 Logistics in the Supply Chain
This course will examine logistics in the supply chain. Logistics in the supply chain supports customer satisfaction by providing deliverables including transportation, order fulfillment, availability, order lead time and customer service goals. Emphasis is placed on planning the logistics network, measurement issues and practices in the supply chain, transportation cost drivers, order fulfillment process, third party logistics (3PL) and outsourcing and logistics decision support systems.

SCM 570 Lean Principles in the Supply Chain
This course will focus on achieving world-class levels of customer satisfaction, productivity and long-term growth through systematic prevention and elimination of waste and sustained continuous improvement. Topics include value stream mapping (VSM), value stream improvement process (VSIP), accelerated improvement workshops (AIW), total productive maintenance (TPM) and Six Sigma applications.

SCM 580 Finance & Negotiation in the Supply Chain
This course examines cost management in the supply chain with cost analysis for decision-making. The course will focus on total cost of ownership, financing the supply chain, supplier price analysis, supplier cost analysis, contract negotiation, contract performance/penalty drivers, make/buy analysis and risk analysis/management. Prerequisite: Macroeconomics or equivalent needed before enrolling in SCM580.

SCM 590 Applied Project in Supply Chain Management
In this course students will manage a project from design, product development, integrated logistics support, material management and optimizing value. Emphasis is placed on contract management, procurement systems, introduction of new systems to the supply chain, managing configurations and data for effective project management, managing change, including new technology, life cycle and quality improvement. 

BUS 565 Business Statistics
The purpose of this course is to develop students’ understanding of the use of statistics for business applications. The focus is on the collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting of data for management decisions. Use of Microsoft Excel and interactive materials from the Internet will facilitate learning. Concepts covered include sampling, descriptive statistics, probability distributions, confidence intervals, linear regression and statistical process control.

BUS 566 Operations Management
This course focuses on manufacturing and service operations, logistics and quality management. This course will cover topics including logistics systems, lean production and quality management. An applied approach will be taken in this course using analytical techniques to study these issues. 

A student chooses six hours of elective credit from graduate courses in the following programs: MBA, MM, MSNP or MSA. Elective credits may be used toward completion of a concentration. Note:additional prerequisites may apply to some elective or concentration courses.

Curriculum is subject to change.