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Students must successfully complete 36 semester hours of graduate credit to earn a Master of Arts in Early Intervention in Deaf Education. All courses are three credit hours unless stated otherwise.

Prerequisite Courses
Prerequisites may be taken during the program.

  • CDS 105 Speech and Language Development
  • CDS 201 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism
  • CDS 211 Nature of Language 
  • CDS 220 Phonetics
  • CDS 410 Audiology

Typical schedule for EIDE students

Summer One:

  • CDS 523 Intervention with Children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing
  • CDS 555 Pediatric Audiology & Habilitation (3-4 credit hours)


  • CDS 500 Introduction to Research Methods 
  • CDS 531 Communication Development for Children who  are Deaf/Hard of Hearing (3-4 credit hours)
  • CDS 552 Counseling Issues in Communication Disorders
  • EDU 525 Assessment and Approaches in ECSE
  • CDS 572 Collaborative Seminar (1 credit hour)


  • CDS 506 Beginning Sign Language* (1 credit hour)
  • CDS 550 Teaching Reading in Deaf Education*
  • CDS 571 Comprehensive Graduate Seminar in Early Intervention in Deaf Education (1 credit hour)
  • CDS 584 Practicum in Speech*
  • ECE 551 Administering Programs for Children and Families (2 credit hours)
  • ECE 555 Family Centered Intervention

Summer Two:

  • CDS 566 Language and Literacy in Children at Risk
  • CDS 583 Curriculum in Early Childhood Deaf Education (2 credit hours)

*Required for students who have not taken an equivalent course

Specific courses required for the graduate program are listed in the Fontbonne University Catalog or online at www.fontbonne.edu/catalog.


Practicum experiences are designed to develop knowledge and skills in a variety of settings, including home visits, toddler groups, early childhood classrooms and inclusive early childhood programs. Students will complete three to six hours of practicum.

  • CDS 537-539 Advanced Clinical Practicum (1-3 credit hours)

Suggested Electives

  • CDS 518 Students Who Are Deaf/Hard of Hearing in Inclusive Settings
  • CDS 522 Seminar in Orofacial Anomalies
  • CDS 524 Language of the School-Aged Child
  • CDS 532 Seminar in Early Child Language  
  • CDS 556 Auditory Technology & Cochlear Implants
  • CDS 580 Practical Application of Augmentative Communication Systems and Assistive Technology
  • EDU 505 Introduction to Methods of Teaching Students with Cross-Categorical Disabilities
  • EDU 549 Foundations of Reading Instruction
  • CTE 507 Studies in Autism Disorders