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Enrich your life and the lives of others with a graduate degree in HES from Fontbonne. Choose one of two concentrations that allow you to focus your education toward a rewarding career with a strong job outlook. 

Child and Family Studies 

Gain the leadership and advocacy skills to empower individuals and strengthen families. Through "capacity building" you'll learn to show others how to access necessary resources for themselves — an essential tool that can help families thrive. 

Our program prepares you for a wide variety of careers in nonprofit and for-profit institutions that are meeting the health, wellness, food, shelter, clothing, financial, employment and literacy needs of those they serve. Examples of positions you might fill include family advocate, family service provider, and social service agency director. Plus, the need for qualified professionals to serve individuals and families is expected to rise 19 percent over the next eight years, according to U.S. Department of Labor statistics.

Multidisciplinary Health Communication Studies 

Learn the skills to disseminate consumer-friendly health and science information, helping people make beneficial lifestyle changes. Hone your communication strategies so that you can empower others to transform their behaviors. 

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts an 18-26 percent increase in careers related to health promotion and communication, such as public relations, technical writing/editing, and health education. Our program prepares you for a wide variety of these careers in both nonprofit and for-profit institutions that are meeting the wellness and health literacy needs of those they serve.

In addition, we offer Individualized Supervised Practice Pathways (ISPP) as an alternative for dietetics graduates who have not been matched with a formal internship program. Earn a graduate degree in HES with a concentration in health communication, and reach your goal of becoming a registered dietitian.  Learn more.