Where am I?


After you’ve read through our web page, you may still be wondering:

Where is the Behavioral Sciences office located?
Jane Bidleman, our administrative assistant, is located in East 327. Her office hours are 8:00 to 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 to 4:00 p.m. The Psychology laboratory and faculty offices are also on the 3rd floor of the East building.

What opportunities do you have for students to be involved in research and other types of experiential learning?
Experiential learning is a key strength of our programs. Students participate in and conduct a variety of small research projects as part of their coursework starting as early as their freshman year. Several courses within the psychology major have applied lab components, wherein students practice gathering and analyzing data with their classmates. In senior seminar, students can work one on one with a faculty member conducting their own original research project from start to finish. Students frequently present these projects at local conferences, which really helps their graduate school applications! We also provide opportunities for students to assist faculty in their research.

In addition to our various opportunities for scientific research, student can also complete individual internships, create career portfolios, and participate in service learning projects.

Are your programs offered in a non-traditional format?
Our psychology major is only offered in a traditional format. Our ABS major can be completed in the traditional way (primarily through daytime, face to face classes) or as an evening/online degree.

What if I want to go to graduate school?
About half of our graduates apply to graduate programs after completing their undergraduate degree at Fontbonne. Our curriculum and the one-on-one interactions our students have with their professors prepare them for graduate school more thoroughly than any other program in the St. Louis area. Over 95% of our graduates who have applied to graduate programs have been accepted into at least one program to which they applied!

What if I don’t want to go to graduate school?
We work with all of our students to help them identify their career interests and to prepare them for full time employment. Our curriculum includes a course on careers in the behavioral sciences, opportunities to take and receive feedback on career inventories, and opportunities to complete paid or unpaid internships. Outside of our curriculum, faculty advisors also work closely with each student as needed to help them identify careers that suit them.