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What can I do with my biology degree?

A Fontbonne undergraduate degree in biology prepares you to take the next step for application to most professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, optometry or physical therapy, as well as other health professions. Fontbonne offers a wide variety of required coursework for medical school, but because requirements can vary from school to school, your advisor will work with you to determine the specific courses required by the schools of your choice.

If you go on to work in management or administration, you might plan and administer programs for testing foods and drugs, for example, or direct activities at zoos or botanical gardens. Opportunities may exist for work as consultants to business firms or to government, testing and inspecting foods, drugs, and other products, or writing for technical publications. Our graduates also find careers dealing with living organisms — including the conservation occupations of forester, range manager and soil conservationist — or careers such as animal breeder, horticulturist, soil scientist and agricultural scientist.