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Medical Laboratory Sciences (BS)

What makes a person sick is often a puzzle to be solved. Every patient gives clues that a trained medical laboratory scientist can use to help determine the underlying cause of the disease. As a science student, you’ve always been curious, and you ask the hard questions: How does the world work at the most minute level? How do diseases spread and our bodies fight them? Can we tell before birth if a baby will have chromosomal or genetic defects?

When you earn a degree in medical laboratory sciences from Fontbonne University, you can spend your career running laboratory tests that help find treatments and cures for people who are sick. In this highly specialized field, you will be part of a diagnostic team working with pathogens, cells, tissues and genes to determine causes of disease.

Why the Medical Lab Sciences Program with Fontbonne?

Fontbonne University has partnered with accredited, teaching-hospital laboratories to offer students the basic science background and the clinical experience needed to be part of this exciting field. Please note that clinical internship placements, which are required for the MLS major, are awarded on a competitive basis and cannot be guaranteed by the university. A list of current partnering institutions can be obtained by contacting the department.

In both cases, one full year of clinical instruction at a partnering hospital is required.  After completing the MLS degree, the student is eligible to sit for the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) MLS certification examination.

At Fontbonne, you’ll find a dynamic, community-driven environment dedicated to your success. You’ll get to know your professors, attend small, interactive classes, enjoy real-world experiences, and graduate prepared to enter the world as a professional.

How Can I Find Out More?

Questions? Contact Admissions: (314) 889-1400 or 1-800-205-5862 | fbyou@fontbonne.edu