Where am I?

Full-Time Faculty in Biological and Physical Sciences

Dr. Elizabeth Rayhel, associate professor and chair

Dr. Rayhel teaches General Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, and Kinesiology. She is currently researching development of color patterns on butterfly wings. Read more.


Dr. Julie Hamdi, assistant professor

Dr. Hamdi teaches organic chemistry. Read more.


Dr. Stephenie Paine-Saunders, associate professor

Dr. Paine Saunders teaches General Biology, Genetics, Developmental Biology, and Biochemistry. Read more.


Dr. Minh Truong, associate professor

Dr. Truong teaches Physics. Read more.


Part-Time Faculty


Dr. George Andreoff, Lecturer

Dr. Andreoff teaches Intro to Life Science.

Julie Allman, Lecturer

Ms. Allman teaches Environmental Science.

Dr. Ruth Birch, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Birch teaches Introduction to Life Science and General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry III.

Yvonne Cole, Senior Lecturer

Mrs. Cole teaches Introduction to Life Science and Teaching of Science in Secondary Education.

Shannon Rapp, Senior Lecturer

Mrs. Rapp teaches Introduction to Life Science, Plant Biology, and Field Ecology.

Linda Ritter, Senior Lecturer

Mrs. Ritter teaches the labs to accompany Organic Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry II.

Bob Smith, Senior Lecturer

Mr. Smith teaches Anatomy and Physiology I and II.