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Course Requirements – Special Education

Major in Special Education  

While students must complete a full general education sequence, the following specific general education courses must be chosen to meet the requirements for this major:
BIO 108 Introduction to Life Sciences/lab (3 credits)
CIS 103 Microcomputer Applications in Education (3 credits)
EDU 234 Philosophical Foundations of Education (3 credits)
HST 105 or 106 Introduction to American History I or II (3 credits)
PHY 108 Introduction to Physical Science/lab  (3 credits)
PSY 200 Developmental Psychology (3 credits)

Courses Required in the Major:
EDU 122 Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century (3 credits)
EDU 140 Literature for Children and Adolescents (2 credits)
EDU 200 Introduction to Classroom Teaching (3 credits)
EDU 203 Survey of Learners with Exceptionalities (3 credits)
EDU 206 Education of Students with Special Needs (3 credits)
EDU 223 Introduction to Classroom Assessment (3 credits)
EDU 234 Philosophical Foundations of Education (3 credits)
EDU 306 Analysis and Correction of Reading Difficulties (3 credits)
EDU 310 Reading Methods Practicum/Elementary (2 credits)
EDU 308 Methods of Special Education I (3 credits)
EDU 309 Methods of Special Education II (2 credits)
EDU 314 Practicum in Special Education (3 credits)
EDU 320 Transition/Career Education for Individuals with Disabilities (2 credits)
EDU 333 Multi-sensory Methods of Instruction (2 credits)
EDU 355 Analysis and Correction of Math Difficulties (2 credits)
EDU 373 Teaching through a Global Perspective (2 credits)
EDU 392 Assessment of Ability and Achievement (3 credits)
EDU 394 Counseling Techniques (3 credits)
EDU 400 Classroom/Behavior Management Techniques (3 credits)
EDU 410 Planning for Instruction and Assessment (2 credits)
EDU 450 Student Teaching at the Elementary Level (4 credits)
EDU 455 Student Teaching in Special Education (8 credits)

Courses Required in Other Disciplines:
CDS 105 Speech and Language Development of the Normal and Exceptional Child (3 credits)
MTH 350 Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Elementary/Early Childhood (3 credits)
BIO 370 Methods of Teaching Science in Elementary/Early Childhood (2 credits)
Students must select one course in geography.
Students must select one course in Health or Nutrition and Wellness.
Students must select one course in economics.
Students must select one course in mathematics
(in addition to the general education requirement).

Graduation Requirement:
Students must complete one course in religion. REL 225 World Religions is highly recommended.