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Communication Studies Major

Communicating is something we all do, all the time. We communicate as individuals, groups, organizations, communities and cultures. We communicate in many different ways and through an increasing number of channels. The one certainty is that an understanding of communication is essential to managing our complex and fast-moving world, evaluating the increasing number of persuasive messages that bombard us each day, and getting our own messages across clearly. At Fontbonne, you’ll learn these skills and more.

You probably watch television and listen to the radio every day. Perhaps you read the newspaper, or take time to catch up with your favorite magazine or online columnist. If the world of mass media intrigues you at all, our communication studies program can help you explore dozens of avenues in this exciting discipline.

Why Communication Studies with Fontbonne?

Within the communication studies program, you’ll learn about interesting topics such as how we communicate nonverbally, how men and women are the same and different when it comes to communication styles, and how we can better communicate between cultures.

Students have the opportunity to gain newspaper production skills, from reporting to layout, through their involvement with the Fontbanner, the student newspaper. Fontbonne students will study current, relevant communication issues in a course on special topics in communication. Topics vary semester to semester and have included political persuasion, truth and deception, gender issues in contemporary media and health communication.

And, our highly successful internship program helps you gain valuable real world experience that often provides entry into your preferred job field.

What Can I Do With My Degree?

In our program, students develop and refine their speaking, writing and critical thinking skills while investigating communication theories and methodologies. A degree in communication studies gives you tremendous flexibility in terms of career choices because effective communication is widely recognized as vital to such fields as advertising, public relations, journalism, international relations, education, arts, entertainment, health and human services, law and government.

Graduates also enjoy successful careers in such areas as publishing, marketing, corporate training and human development, promotions and event planning.


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