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Course Requirements – Engilsh for Secondary Education

Major in English for Secondary Certification

A student majoring in English for secondary certification must earn a minimum grade of C- in ENG 101 Composition I and ENG 102 Composition II.

Courses Required in English (39 credit hours):

ENG 200 Introduction to Literary Studies (3 credits)
ENG 240 Survey of English Literature to 1789 (3 credits)
ENG 241 Survey of English Literature since 1789 (3 credits)
ENG 260 Survey of American Literature to 1865 (3 credits)
ENG 261 Survey of American Literature since 1865 (3 credits)
ENG 270 Literature for the Secondary Schools (3 credits)
ENG 303 History of the English Language (3 credits)
ENG 370 Critical Approaches to Literature (3credits)
ENG 386 Teaching of English in the Middle and Secondary School (3 credits)
ENG 388 Teaching Writing (3 credits)
ENG 403 Grammar: Theory and Practice (3 credits)
ENG 496 Senior Thesis (3 credits)

PLUS Writing Elective (3 credits)

Courses Required in Other Departments (29-35 credit hours):

EDU120: Psychology of the Exceptional Child (3 credits)
EDU201: Introduction to Classroom Teaching- Middle/Secondary (2 credits)
EDU234: Philosophical Foundations of Education (3 credits)
EDU300: Classroom/Behavior Management Techniques (3 credits)
EDU350: Methods of Teaching Reading in the Content Areas (2 credits)
EDU447: Planning for Instruction and Assessment- Middle/Secondary (3 credits)
EDU451: Student Teaching at the Secondary Level (10-16 credits)
PSY200: Developmental Psychology (3 credits)