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 Playhouse Creatures, by April de Angelis  runs October 23 - November 1 2015 with performances at 8pm on Thursday through Saturday and 2pm on Sunday.

Tickets are $10; Fontbonne Students and Faculty are free.

MST members free.

PLAYHOUSE CREATURES is set near the beginning of the English Restoration period, around 1670.  Theaters have just reopened after seventeen years of Puritan suppression during the Commonwealth.  Many new plays are being written and the first English actresses appear on stage.  Acting wasn't seen as a respectable profession and the assumption was that women who became actors were available as mistresses or prostitutes.  Playhouse Creeatures focuses on some of the most famous actresses of the day to provide a moving and often comic account of the precarious lives of Restoration actresses.

For tickets call 314-719-8061    





All Fontbonne performances will be held in the Fine Arts Theatre located in the Fontbonne University Fine Arts Building on the second floor.

Questions? Call 314-719-8061 | Email fontbonnetheatre@fontbonne.edu  or  jnsullivan6@gmail.com

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