Where am I?

Religious Studies Program

Religion is a major force in shaping cultures and societies, as well as our behavior and beliefs. Fontbonne’s Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies provides a critical examination of religion and a broad background in the liberal arts.

The religious studies program is open to anyone interested in the religious and philosophical aspects of the human experience, as well as art, history, sociology, politics, literature and ethics. You’ll get a sophisticated education in the major world religions, especially Christianity, and how they have affected human culture throughout time. And now, you can also continue your religious studies education through a new partnership with Aquinas Institute of Theology.

Although Christianity is emphasized, Fontbonne encourages respect and understanding for other faiths. Religions in many forms are examined and discussed from both critical and appreciative perspectives.

Why Religious Studies with Fontbonne?

Working in small classes, you’ll learn the religious traditions of both Western and Eastern cultures in a historical context by delving into theology, scriptures, rituals, symbolism and moral teachings. In today’s global community, people need to know how to understand and approach different religions and cultures. This major helps to give you the training and skills necessary to be a citizen of the world.

Helping ensure diversity in topics and instructors, Fontbonne has an agreement whereby our students can take a variety of upper level religion and philosophy courses at Saint Louis University. And, if you have an interest in teaching, you can add a major in education or another discipline and be certified to teach in the Catholic or public school systems. You’ll graduate with a critical awareness of the world and skills in oral and written communication that will provide a lasting basis for graduate school, a successful career and a fulfilling life.

What Can I Do With My Degree?

You’ll be prepared to enter graduate school or seminary to further your studies in theology, political science, education or psychology. Religious studies graduates can also go into social service, journalism, foreign service, politics, church-related service, law, business or medicine if they choose a complimentary minor in psychology, history, English, communications or business.

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