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Chicago, IL

February 10-12, 2011

Palmer House Hilton


History of WIM

Montana State College is home to the first club that was organized in 1897 for students who were studying in the field that would one day be known as Home Econocmics. In 1902 another club was formed of Home Economic students at the University of Illinois. The American Home Economics Association (AHEA) was formed in 1909 following the Lake Placid conference which took place from 1899 to 1908. Following the Lake Placid Conference many other Home Economic clubs were created across the United States. In 1921 the various student clubs across the United States became part of the student member section of AHEA.

With the clubs becoming so large the college clubs were divided into regional provinces in 1945, each with their own regional officers and meetings. Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan were known as a province VII. Province VII held their first meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The provinces were later disbanded in 1963 by AHEA but Province VII continued to meet in Chicago regularly. Bylaws were developed  and officers were elected representing each state involved.

In order to shorten the names of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan the first letters of the names were used, W.I.I.M. The Board of Directors of the Province later suggested “WIIM” as the title of the group. In 1973 the Chicago Conference adopted the name of “Annual WIIM Conference.” In 1970 Indiana became members of WIIM and later in 1980 Missouri joined WIIM as well. The name WIIM was eventually shortened to the name “WIM.” Kansas, Nebraska, and Indiana were added to the roster following the turn of the century. The WIM conference has been held in Chicago each year  for student studying various careers under Home Economics or a similar title.

In 1994, AHEA voted to officially change the name of Home Economics to Family and Consumer Sciences. AHEA became American Association of Family and Consumer Science. The following year the WIM changed the title of the annual conference to “Regional Conference for College Students in Family and Consumer Sciences.” February 10-12, 2011 marks the 47th annual conference. Hope to see you there!

WIM Experience

             There are many things to do while at WIM. While at WIM attendees will be able to meet and socialize with students from other universities that share similar majors such as family and consumer science, dietetics, fashion merchandising, early childhood, and hospitality, to name a few.  Participants of WIM will be given chances to network with professionals in their desired line of work while touring a variety of places around Chicago.