Where am I?

American Culture Studies Minor

Looking to apply those theories you learned in your English class to the "real world"? Wondering how economics relates to you? Want to explore what the word America means in this global culture? Ever marvel at pop culture?

Do you want to see your world more clearly? If so, American Culture Studies is right where you belong.

What is American Culture Studies?

American Culture Studies examines American culture here at home and across the world. We blend sociology, political science, history, music, art, literature, popular culture, and more. American Culture Studies is interdisciplinary because life is interdisciplinary. And because America is a place where boundaries have always crossed.

What can I do with American Culture Studies?

First and foremost,we think outside the box. To understand, we think critically. We ask new questions and make fresh connections. We synthesize ideas. We learn.

Employers today seek well-rounded candidates who understand the broader cultural contexts of their fields. Our minor program allows students, if they choose, to relate their classroom assignments to their major field of choice. Majors in advertising, art, business, communications, dietetics, early childhood, English, history, human services, family and consumer sciences, fashion merchandising, education, psychology, religious studies, speech disorders, sports management, theatre, and more will all be able to connect their future plans to American Culture Studies--because American culture is a part of everything we do, professionally and personally.

With American culture studies, you'll learn to ask the questions that make the world around you a more interesting, lively, provocative place.

What are the requirements?

This minor can be completed easily within two years--and sometimes faster.

In addition to selecting three courses from a list of electives in art, communication, history, English, psychology, sociology, and others, you will complete the following courses:

Introduction to American Culture Studies. A general introduction to American studies and its problems and contexts, this course examines the big questions about who and what America is: the stories and problems that have shaped us. Special emphasis is devoted to American identity after September 11, 2001.

America Abroad. This innovative course examines the meaning of "America" outside its own borders, with emphasis on the last sixty years. We look at how America is received around the world, whether through television, tourism, or foreign policy.

Topics in American Culture Studies. Various topics in American studies will be offered on a rotating basis. You'll explore broad studies such as sports, religion, or art in American culture, past and present. The possibilities are endless.

It is also possible to self-design a major in American Culture Studies through our University Major program.