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Social Work Program

You're passionate about social justice and engaged in your community. You're a problem solver by nature, always striving to make the world a better place. Have you considered earning a bachelor's degree in social work?

Fontbonne University's Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is a new program, developed with the very latest methods, theory and information available in the field. This unique major combines coursework in the classroom and field education at practicum sites within the community, cultivating prepared, well-rounded professionals.

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Why the Social Work Program with Fontbonne?


At Fontbonne, the social work degree program prepares students to utilize the knowledge, values and skills they learn for generalist social workpractice. Instructors ready students to become ethical professionals committed to social and economic justice as they serve and empower individuals, families and communities. Students are encouraged to have a positive influence on our ever-changing world.

The social work program combines classroom experiences, designed to lay the foundation for a lifetime of knowledge, with fieldwork, opportunities for students to apply that knowledge in a real world environment. Students will complete 480 hours of field education learning in addition to their coursework. This experiential learning model truly allows students to develop their skills and become competent practicing social workers in whatever area they choose to work.

Social Work students work with the Rural Parish Workers, Cadet, MO.Social Work students work with the Rural Parish Workers, Cadet, MO. The Building Communities: Rural Outreach Project was created by the social work department and funded by Fontbonne Community Connections.

Program courses are divided into three categories: introductory, core and practice. Introductory courses serve as the basic foundation in social work and provide an introduction into the history of social work, concepts and social work theory. Core courses represent the heart of the program and give students a deeper understanding of their field. Practice courses are offered in seven different areas and provide realworld applications in specified topics of social work.

What Can I Do With My Degree?

When you complete your degree, you have a broad range of opportunities ahead of you. You might work in case management, counseling families and children, developing community education programs, advocating for social policy advancement, or crisis intervention - and these are only a few options. Social workers are found in many places; they are in schools, hospitals, not-for-profit agencies, mental health organizations, judicial systems, philanthropic foundations, senior service centers, and other places.

After earning your degree, you could become a Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker (LBSW) by passing a state exam or a Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker-Independent Practice (LBSW-IP), which requires additional supervised experience along with passing the state exam. You could also continue on with your education to pursue a Master's in Social Work (MSW) or even a doctorate (PhD) and earn a License in Clinical Social Work (LCSW). And students who graduate with a BSW from Fontbonne will have advanced standing at all MSW and CSWE accredited programs nationwide.

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How Can I Find Out More?

Contact Fontbonne's Social Work Program Director, Sharon Jackson, smjackson@fontbonne.edu, 314.719.3642: Field Education Director, Dr. Kate Mennes, cmennes@fontbonne.edu, 314.719.3602 or Admninistrative Assistant, Mary Kay Sullivan, MKSullivan@fontbonne.edu, 314.719.8004.

Questions? Contact Admissions: (314) 889-1400 or 1-800-205-5862 | fbyou@fontbonne.edu