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Student Profile: Gaby Naus

: Gaby Naus

Degree Program: Master of Arts in Teaching

Gaby Naus had a background in art and wanted to apply her knowledge as a teacher. So, she decided to get her master’s degree in education. Naus had heard about Fontbonne University’s reputation for producing well-prepared and effective teachers.

After further looking into the Master of Art in Education program, she found that at Fontbonne, she could earn her master’s degree and certification simultaneously. She was sold.

Naus loved the smaller classes and felt that she made a real connection with her professors. Having earned her undergraduate degree at a larger university, she appreciated the one-on-one dialogue she was now able to have with faculty. She also felt that the curriculum was extremely applicable to the classroom – so much so that when she got a job teaching middle school art right after she graduated, she wasn’t nervous. She felt completely prepared to lead a class of her own.

“The faculty really gave me a sense of what it would be like to teach my own class, even before I set foot in a classroom. When I started my job, I was confident I would succeed. I always recommend Fontbonne to my colleagues who are considering a master’s degree.”

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