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About the Guides

Who will guide us?

Several experienced Fontbonne faculty members will accompany you on field trips, as well as guide discussions, writing projects and more.

Here’s a sample of who you’ll be collaborating with on this unique summer exploration.

Suzanne Stoelting
, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology

“I am so excited about this program because as a sociologist, I find St. Louis both fascinating and unique. Furthermore, I think that you will be amazed, engaged and inspired by the enriching culture and history of St. Louis that this program plans to unveil. I look forward to seeing you on June 9th! I will be the team lead on our trip to the Pruitt-Igoe Project.”

Suzanne Stoelting is Fontbonne's Director of Retention. She received her doctorate in sociology from Southern Illinois University and has presented at several professional panels. She is a recipient of Fontbonne’s Joan Goostree Stevens Award for Excellence in Teaching.



Angie (Dowell) Liljequist, Ph.D Candidate, Instructor in Fashion Merchandising.

“While some may think that fashion merchandising is only about what is ‘fashionable,’ the discipline includes much more, such as the study of textiles, costume history, social perspectives on race and class, and the cultural relevance of dress practices. I want to share the breadth of this discipline with you, particularly as it relates to St. Louis’ past and future. I think you will leave this program with a fond appreciation for the social and economic experiences of past St. Louisans. I will be the team lead on our trip to the Washington Avenue Garment District.”

Angie Dowell earned her bachelor’s and master’s in textile and apparel management from the University of Missouri and is a doctoral candidate in American Studies at the University of Kansas. She has been teaching in fashion merchandising and women’s studies programs for 10 years. She has presented at two international conferences, including the International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women in Madrid, Spain, and the International Conference on Fashion: Exploring Critical Issues in Oxford, England.



Jason Sommer, Ph.D., Professor of English and Communication

“Alongside my career at Fontbonne, I have had the privilege of teaching for seven summers in one of the nation’s premier writing conferences for teenagers. I love the energy and ideas that young people bring to their experiences. Part of my own work as a writer has been to give voice to others, helping to preserve accounts of difficult history. This city, too, has its stories, and this summer I am eager to join a group of young people in discovering some and finding ways to tell them."

Jason Sommer is author of three poetry collections and has been honored with a Whiting Foundation Writer’s Award. A former Mirrielees Fellow in Poetry at Stanford University, he has held fellowships at the Bread Loaf and Sewanee writer’s conferences, as well as a residency for the YMCA’s National Writer’s Voice project. He is also Director of the Fontbonne Honors Program.


Benjamin Moore, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English and Communication

“In collaboration with my colleague Dr. Jack Luzkow, our students interviewed dozens of Bosnian genocide survivors who now live in St. Louis, with the purpose of establishing an archival record that will be of use to future generations. Our local Bosnian community is a gateway to the world. By engaging with our Bosnian neighbors, we can learn a tremendous amount about the war and genocide in Bosnia and — more important — about ourselves and humanity. No matter what your background is, as students and explorers, I think you’ll find the City Summer Project to be exciting, compelling and even emotional.”

Benjamin Moore is two-time winner of Fontbonne’s Joan Goostree Stevens Award for Excellence in Teaching and a contributor to the traveling exhibit Prijedor: Lives from the Bosnian Genocide. He is also Director of Fontbonne’s Bosnia Memory Project (www.fontbonne.edu/bosnia), a historical preservation project that has received national and international recognition.