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Undecided On A Major?

“Undecided” Isn’t a Four-Letter Word

“What’s your major?”
This question doesn’t have to leave you feeling uneasy or even self-conscious. At Fontbonne, more than half of incoming freshmen are undecided on a major when they arrive. And that’s OK. In fact, we see it as an opportunity for you to explore 75 majors and minors to find your best possible fit.

"We understand that it's hard to pinpoint a major. Our curriculum allows students to venture into various areas of study in the first four semesters," says Michelle Palumbo, the director of undergraduate admission at Fontbonne. "Students get time to discover their interests and earn credits that count toward their degree - even if they haven't decided on a direction yet."

Fontbonne University is firmly rooted in the liberal arts, and requires 42 hours of general education credits for each and every major – so even if you’re undecided, you still have time to explore and make an informed decision.

While earning general credits, we encourage you to take a variety of classes, allowing you to grow intellectually and determine an area of study. You can take up to four semesters to decide on a major that’s right for you without feeling pressured.

NOTE: Some programs, such as dietetics, elementary education and speech-language pathology, do require a structured sequence of study, so it's best to declare those majors as early as possible.

What do you want to be?

When you were a kid, you dreamed about becoming a teacher, a doctor, a fashion designer, a scientist. Now that you’re in college, you’ve discovered that you have a wide range of interests, all of which could lead to possible career opportunities. So how do you narrow down your choices?

That’s where Fontbonne comes in. Here, your college experience is all about exploration and discovery, determining what makes you tick and finding your passion. Maybe you’re great with numbers and love working through complex math problems; you might consider a career as an engineer, an economist or a statistician. Perhaps you love words and language; you may want to explore becoming a speech-language pathologist, an educator, or a marketing or advertising professional.

But no matter what you decide, a bachelor’s degree from Fontbonne prepares you with a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills that will benefit you in any profession. Career counselors, academic advisors and instructors are always available to answer questions about various programs and career fields. And Fontbonne freshmen meet frequently with the career counseling office during their first semester to help determine interests and strengths that might point toward a particular program.

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