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Guest Parking

All vehicles operated and parked on Fontbonne University property are required to be registered and display either a current parking tag or a valid visitor's pass. A parking tag is not required for vehicles parked off campus.

Visitors conducting business with Fontbonne University from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, are required to register in the Information Office, Room 101 in Ryan Hall. After normal working hours, visitors should register in the Public Safety Building across from St. Joseph's Hall. Visitors seeing students are required to register in the Public Safety Building. A parking "GUEST" pass will be issued to each visitor during the registration process. It is your responsibility to insure that your visitors are properly registered and aware of our parking regulations.Your guest may not use your hang tag.

Parking hang tags are required to be displayed on all vehicles operated and parked on campus by members of the Fontbonne community. This includes all faculty, staff and students working, attending class, or using the facilities on campus. Food Service, Bookstore and other contract employees assigned to the Fontbonne campus are also required to obtain a parking hang tag for their vehicle. Parking hang tags are sold in the Business Office, Room 215 in Ryan Hall.

Hang tags are sold for your personal use.Your tags may not be given away, resold or used by other people. Misused tags will be forfeited.Citations will also be issued for the misuse of tags and violators will lose their campus parking privileges for 12 months.

Students living in the residence halls are required to purchase a resident tag. This authorizes overnight parking. Residents may not have more than one registered vehicle on campus at any given time.

Commuter students on campus after 12 a.m., Sunday through Thursday or after 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday should register for the evening with Public Safety.

Students attending classes at an off-campus site who are either required or choose to come to the main campus must purchase a parking permit or a daily parking pass if they wish to park on campus. The cost for an annual or term parking tag is discounted for off-site students.

Your parking tag is designed to hang on the rear view mirror of your vehicle. The tag number must be facing towards the front of the vehicle. It is your responsibility to insure the complete tag is visible. If your tag is blocked by tinting or otherwise not clearly visible, your vehicle is subject to ticketing.

Tags may be purchased by the school year or term:

Parking Cost 2013/2014 School YearAnnual TagTerm Tag
Full-time faculty and staff $130 $80
Part-time faculty and staff $85 $60
Commuter students: more than 6 hours $130 $80
Commuter students: 6 or less hours $85 $60
Off-campus site students $55 $35
Resident students $140 $85
Summer term tags   $20

Parking hang tags may not be returned for a refund and Fontbonne does not replace lost or stolen tags.

If you wish to park on campus and you do not have a regular parking tag or your regular tag is not available, a short term tag may be purchased.  These tags are sold in the Business Office.  A one day tag is $3, a three day tag is $5, a seven day tag is $7 and a monthly tag is $25.  The one and three day tags may also be purchased after hours at the Public Safety Office.

Faculty, staff, students and contract employees may not use "GUEST" hang tags. A $50 fine will be assessed for misuse of a "GUEST" hang tag.

The purpose of a parking hang tag is to identify vehicles that have been authorized to park on University property. The tag is used to help identify unauthorized parkers and does not guarantee the availability of a parking space.