Where am I?

Meet Mission Integration

Students make Mission Integration come alive!

 Erica Lee

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Bukit Batok, Singapore

Plans After College: My plans after college would be to get into a Grad school to pursue Applied Behavioural Science and specialise in working with delinquents. Also, I want to receive church ministry training while I am in Grad school, hopefully as an Intern at the Greater St. Louis Church of Christ.

Places I'd Like to Visit that I Haven't Already: I'd like to travel the entire world if I had the time and money! The main places I would love to travel to are Russia, Ireland and the Middle East. I am very interested in the cultures these countries have and actually getting to experience them first-hand would be amazing!

Favorite Lunch Food: My favorite lunch is a South-East Asian meal. It is called Laksa and it is basically a spicy coconut-based soup with short white noodles in it. It is very delicious, very spicy and my perfect idea of a scrumptious lunch!





Alexis Uitermark

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Aurora, Colorado

Favorite Dessert: I love lots of different types of desserts, but it's always a special treat when I get to have creme brulee, a cannoli, or some kind of warm chocolate brownie/cake! YUM!

Places I'd Like to Visit that I Haven't Already:  I would like to go to as many places as possible because I love experiencing different cultures and seeing what all the world has to offer! Some specific places that come to mind would include somewhere in the Mediterranean (especially Italy or Greece!!) and somewhere that is a Spanish speaking country because I love the language and would like to practice my Spanish speaking skills (Spain, Mexico, or maybe somewhere in South America!).

Favorite Color: Aquamarine/Blue-Greens