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Book Club

Fontbonne University and KMOX Radio have teamed up to bring the St. Louis metropolitan area an exciting, relevant and informative venture - an interactive, ongoing monthly book club.

The Fontbonne University/KMOX Book Club was established in January 2005 as a forum in which community members could come together to share a dialogue of ideas, opinions, interests and causes - all within the context of a book club discussion format.

As an institution of higher learning, Fontbonne University is committed to open communication and healthy debate of today's issues. Our learning environment encourages a respect of diverse opinions and ideas.

To that end, Fontbonne strives to include authors and topics that represent a spectrum of viewpoints and interests. In partnership with KMOX Radio, we hope to highlight both books that have a national interest and implication as well as those with a local flair. As co-sponsors of the book club, we don't necessarily endorse the views of any particular author but support the notion of sharing information in the interest of discovery, exploration and understanding.

Throughout the year, KMOX radio (1120 AM) host Charlie Brennan, whose show runs from 9 - 11 a.m. weekdays, will feature primarily nonfiction works covering a wide range of topics. Listeners will be encouraged to read the featured book and then join Brennan - and in most cases, the author - for a lively discussion and book signing.

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