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Stocks, Securities, & Planned Gifts

Make a Gift of Securities to Fontbonne University

You can enjoy multiple benefits when you make a gift of stock, mutual funds or other securities to Fontbonne University. If you bought a stock years ago and it has grown in value, you can incur a capital gains tax if you sell it. If you give it outright to Fontbonne, you pay no capital gains tax and you receive the full value of the securities at the time you make your gift. Upon receipt of your gift, Fontbonne sells the securities and uses the proceeds to fund current immediate needs or for the purpose you designate, such as annual scholarship support. Fontbonne pays no tax on the sale because the University is a tax-exempt organization. Securities can make a wonderful gift for a bequest, charitable gift annuity or other type of planned gift arrangement.

There are several ways to make gifts of stock, mutual funds and other securities to Fontbonne University.

Electronic Transfer of Stock

If your broker, bank, or financial services company holds the securities you wish to give to Fontbonne, simply notify your broker, trustee officer or other person responsible that you wish to make a gift of such securities to Fontbonne University. Your broker will give you instructions about providing official authorization for such a transfer to Fontbonne. Please ask your broker to call Fontbonne University’s development office, at (314) 719-3668 for complete transfer instructions.

You should then notify Fontbonne University’s development office that you are making a gift of securities (describing the number of shares or units, the name(s) of the stock(s), your broker’s name and phone number, and the purpose for which you wish to designate your gift). Fontbonne will notify you when the transfer is complete.

Transfer of Stock by Mail

If you hold your own stock certificates and wish to make a stock gift, you should send your unendorsed stock certificate(s) by registered mail to:

Fontbonne University
Office of Development
6800 Wydown Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63105

In a separate envelope, by regular mail, please send:

  • A signed stock power form for each stock certificate being mailed. The signature should be exactly as it appears on the stock certificate. Provide only your signature on each stock power.
  • A brief note identifying yourself (name, address, phone number) and describing the name(s) of the stock(s), the number of shares you are gifting to Fontbonne and your intended purpose for your gift.

Mail both envelopes at the same time. The postmarks determine the “date of the gift.”

Fontbonne University will notify you when the envelopes have been received and the value of your gift has been determined.

Transfer of Stock in Person

Bring your unendorsed stock certificate(s) to:

Fontbonne University
Office of Development
6800 Wydown Boulevard, East Building, Room 116
St. Louis, MO 63105

One or more stock power forms will be provided for your signature as well as a receipt acknowledging your gift and its purpose.

Gift of Mutual Funds

A gift of appreciated mutual funds, held by you longer than one year, can also make a wonderful gift to Fontbonne University. Most often, the mutual fund company must transfer the mutual fund shares. You should contact your mutual fund company to receive proper instructions on how to make a gift of mutual funds to Fontbonne University. A gift of mutual funds can take much longer to complete than a gift of stock.

For any questions about a gift of stock, mutual funds or any other securities to Fontbonne University, please contact: Jan Sheehan, Gift Planning Officer, at (314) 719-3668 or jsheehan@fontbonne.edu.